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Defender HC

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Despite its size and load capacities (680Lbs) the Defender HC 175G is still easy to move around your facility. With eight inch caster wheels, the cart can be easily maneuvered in any direction to fit into the tightest spaces. The 175G cart is only 31” wide, allowing it to fit through standard 36” doorways with ease. Two of the caster wheels feature foot brakes to ensure the cart remains stationary and will not roll away when positioned on an incline.  These features make the Defender HC a very versatile collection cart and are ideal for large facilities and institutions.

The Defender HC can be equipped as a secure cart with a double hasp locking system, ensuring your company’s most sensitive materials are secure when inside a Defender HC. Additionally, the Defender HC can be fitted with inserts for other collection purposes and is equipped with a drain for emptying liquids or fine grains from the cart when unloading or cleaning.


  • Sturdy HDPE plastic construction
  • Double external HASP locking system
  • Four 8" solid rubber casters stack of paper for optimal collection
  • Two foot brakes
  • Easy grip handles on each end
  • No need for a bag
  • Drain plug for emptying of liquids and fine grains.



    • Dimensions HxWxD: 47.75”x54”x31”
    • Capacity: 680 lbs.
    • Empty Weight: 88 lbs.