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PDC – Personal Document Container

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The PDC provides compliant, secure and convenient collection of sensitive documents within arm’s reach. The compact PDC holds up to 30lbs of paper and is the perfect solution for secure collection where space is at a premium. Fitting neatly under any desk and eliminating the “lazy-toss” of confidential documents to the trash, the PDC is the perfect way to make sure confidential documents are shredded.


  • Joint Commission Compliant
  • Tamper evident lid for confidential disposal of documents
  • Lightweight design with grips on both ends for easy emptying
  • Lid removes completely so it is out of the way during collection
  • Creates a high density stack of paper for optimal collection
  • Attractive design to blend into office environments
  • Made from high density polyethylene
  • Double turn lock
  • Available with the “One Key Solution”

Custom Options:


  • Dimensions HxWxD: 17.5”x12”x13.5"
  • Capacity: 9 US Dry Gallons
  • Empty Weight: 4.2 lbs.